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Hello, I'm

Sue Evans

I want to introduce you to my store, The Word Script Christian Bookstore, we sell Bibles, books,  gift items, and scriptures in calligraphy. The emphasis is on getting the Word of God into people's hands, so that it can change their lives.


I am the owner and have been involved extensively in Christian programs and events in San Angelo since the 1990s. I am blessed to be involved in getting the Word of God into people’s hands and am thrilled to hear of how marvelously it benefits lives.  


My calligrapher and husband, Noel Evans, taught mathematics at Angelo State University for 30 years.  Noel’s grandfather, who worked his way through college writing business cards by hand, gave Noel a book on how to do calligraphy and inspired Noel to take up the art.  Noel has been doing calligraphy since he was a teenager and has developed several beautiful styles of his own.


We would count it a joy to meet you and share our business with you.


Come check us out at 2808 Sherwood Way or call 325-656-8560. Then perhaps you will share our Store with your family and friends.

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